UN deals inhumanly, wages psychological war against Yemeni people: Sana’a

Chairman of the pro-Houthis Comprehensive National Reconciliation and Political Solution Team, Yusuf al-Fishi, accused the United Nations of waging a psychological war against the Yemeni people who have been abused and besieged for more than five years.

“The United Nations is engaged in an inhuman professional war consisting of statements and media statements, he said in a statement on Saturday, adding the UN monitors the internal situation of the Yemeni people in depth and in all directions, and instead of stopping the siege and war, it declares the collapse of the health system and only issues warns in its media.”

He noted that the United Nations is covering the issue of the detention of food, medicine and oil derivatives vessels near the port of Hodeidah, by releasing a ship before each briefing at the Security Council sessions and praising Saudi Arabia’s facilitation of supplies in its briefing.

“Does the United Nations think that the Yemeni people will wait and starve until the next briefing,” al-Fishi asked.

He continued: Instead of blaming the United States and Saudi Arabia for the collapse of Yemen’s health system, the United Nations hinting to them to continue their blockade and attacks on Yemen.

He called on the United Nations to play an active role in supporting national reconciliation in Yemen.

”Supporting efforts of reconciliation should be a part of the tasks and activities of the United Nations in order to contribute in preventing conflicts, and it is the responsibility of the international community as well,” he added

He reiterated his readiness to cooperate with the United Nations to achieve a comprehensive national reconciliation that meets the aspirations of the Yemeni people for security and stability, improving economic and living conditions.