Houthis call Saudi to a“public dialogue”

Sana’a authority call the Saudi-led coalition to start a “public dialogue” to end the five-year conflict in Yemen.

There was no comment from the Saudi-led coalition on the statements.

Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, member of the Supreme Political Council , The highest ruling authority in Sana’a, said that they are ready to engage in real negotiations with Saudi-led coalition countries.

“We are ready for public dialogue with the Saudi coalition countries to reach a cease-fire and lift the five-year siege on Yemen,” al-Houthi, head of the group’s Supreme Revolutionary Committee, said in an interview with the BBC to be published on Sunday.

al-Houthi called on Saudi-led coalition to open dialogue, stressing the readiness to go to Riyadh to sign a comprehensive peace agreement.

He said current contacts with the coalition did not yet mount to the level of negotiations.

Since the first day, we have been confirming that we are ready for a dialogue with the coalition countries and still confirming our desire for a serious and direct dialogue with them,” he said.

“We are still in dialogue and argument with Saudi Arabia to find a solution that could end the war and lift blockade on Yemen,” he added.

He confirmed that they are ready for dialogue with the countries of Saudi-led coalition and put all issues on the negotiating table in public and without equivocation and in front of the media.”

“We have no restrictions or an agenda that we are afraid to reveal, and we are ready for a public dialogue with the countries of Saudi-led coalition for a real and comprehensive ceasefire and the lifting of the siege of Yemen,” the coalition said in a statement.

“The declaration of a ceasefire by the Saudi-led coalition is not real and is for the purpose of media consumption and political propaganda,” he added.

He continued: We have presented a proposal for a comprehensive solution and a cessation of the war for the United Nations, and we are ready to go to Saudi Arabia to sign the comprehensive solution document that we have offered if Riyadh agrees to it,” he said, pointing that this still a matter of consultations with the UN envoy.

The proposal of a comprehensive solution presented by Supreme Political Council to the UN included three main themes: Ending the war, achieving a permanent and comprehensive ceasefire, lifting blockade on the sea, air and land ports of Yemen and taking urgent humanitarian and economic measures and treatments, he concluded.