STC prevents Northern citizens to enter Aden

The UAE-backed forces of Southern Transitional Council (STC)  prevented travelers from Taiz province, to enter Aden and forced them to return.

Local sources said that the security belt gunmen detained on Wednesday, more than ten cars with passengers from Taiz, in the area of Bir Ahmed, from 12 noon to 11 pm and forced them to back homes.

One traveler stated that after 11 hours of detention, the transitional forces forced them to make a commitment not to return to Aden again and leave immediately to Taiz.

In Lahj provinces, forces affiliated with the Director of Security, Brigadier Saleh Al-Sayed, prevented dozens of travelers from the north, most of them from Taiz, from passing through Al-Waht and Rabat areas.

The forces have detained more than 45 travelers who came from Northern provinces over the past two days, at the point of Faiyush Junction, they were placed in the fifth Brigade camp belongs to the director security of province Saleh Al-Sayed.