Sana’a calls citizens to deal with COVID-19 without exaggeration or intimidation

The highest ruling authority in Sana’a, Supreme Political Council, called on the Yemeni people  to be reassured and not to panic or fear the COVID-19, since fear, caused by media propaganda, is the main cause of higher death rates worldwide than those caused by the virus itself.

The pro-Houthis Supreme Political Council (SPC) in Sana’a stressed the importance of raising awareness and showing a responsible behavior in response to COVID-19, without exaggeration or intimidation. Many countries realized that their wrong policy in dealing with the pandemic caused more deaths. The psychological factor was negatively impacting people.

The Supreme Council condemned the prevention of oil derivatives tankers, and held the United Nations responsible for silence towards this crime.

Regarding Safer, the floating oil tanker, the Supreme Political Council condemned the complicity of the United Nations and its pressure on the Council. It accused the UN of serving the agenda of the Saudi-led coalition, ignoring that the Saudi coalition has not allowed the maintenance of the tanker nor selling its loads for the benefit of all the Yemeni people.

The Council said that it is the United Nations “to push for peace and political solution and stop the Saudi-led coalition war against Yemen, especially in light of the Corona pandemic, which is accompanied by an unjust siege imposed on the Yemeni people.”

With regard to the city of Marib, the Council stressed the points raised by the national reconciliation team to the UN envoy, warning against the consequences of the aggression and its mercenaries looting the oil reserves in Marib or trying to stop pumping gas.

The Council indicated that attempts of Saudi-led coalition to open new fronts or use social figures in the Ma’rib Governorate or others would be unsuccessful.

“The fate of those deceived will be failure and defeat like those who preceded them, especially after dropping all their flimsy arguments and the exposure of their failed positions on the national scene,” the Council warned.