Fierce battles between separatists and Islah forces in Abyan

Abyan, south of Yemen, witnessed on Thursday fiercest battles between the Emirati-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC)  forces and Islamic Islah party forces  -Muslim brotherhood in Yemen-  in the absence of any progress on the ground, despite the size of the heavy losses on both sides.

The clashes took place along the fighting fronts in Sheikh Salem, east of Zanzibar, the administrative center of the province, which is under the control of Transitional forces.

The spokesman for the Transitional Forces, Muhammad al-Naqib, said that the forces of the Council had made progress on the outskirts of Hadi’s sites in Qarn al-Classi region Confirming its control over Suwaid Mount, which had been announced by Hadi forces earlier this week.

al-Naqib indicated that his forces inflicted heavy losses to the enemies.

On the other hand, Hadi’s forces denied that the transitional had made progress, whether in Sheikh Salem or in Wadi Sala, noting in a statement that it was able to repel what it described as attempts to infiltrate its positions in Wadi Sala and Sheikh Salem village ..

According to the statement, Hadi’s forces have captured three modern tanks, crews and armored vehicles that Emirates were providing to transitional forces during the recent clashes that took place more than a month ago in Abyan.

For his part, the head of a local mediation committee in Abyan, Faisal Belaidi, confirmed the reality of what is going on and the authority controlling the land.

Belaidi said in a press statement that Thursday’s battles were the heaviest and the two parties of the conflict suffered great losses in lives, noting that the committee began in the evening efforts to recover the bodies of the dead people of both sides.

Belaidi said that all the parties are still stationed in their previous positions, and no party has achieved progress on the ground despite the ferocity of the clashes that have raged for months.