Despite the crisis, Saudi coalition navy holding 15 oil ships

Sana’a -baised Yemen’s oil company said the forces of Saudi-led coalition are still holding 15 ships loaded with oil derivatives off the port of Jizan.

The company explained in a statement that the forces of coalition continued to detain these vessels for various periods of up to 78 days, despite the completion of the verification and inspection mechanism procedures in Djibouti and the obtaining of UN permits to enter the port of Hodeidah.

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It noted that no oil shipments have been allowed into the port since the arrival of the Distia Pucci vessel at the Port of Hodeidah on May 23rd, which was detained for more than 50 days despite being granted a UN permit after being arbitrarily delayed for seven days at Djibouti port.

The Yemeni oil company considered that the oil sector sits in the air for more than 11 days, a serious indication of the degree of escalation of the current war  and the seriousness of the potential repercussions if the piracy of the countries continues to be so barbaric, because of the catastrophic effects of this criminal abuse on the humanitarian level and under the Corona pandemic, and the need to secure the needs of the service sectors of oil derivatives, mainly health, hygiene and water.

The oil company blamed the Saudi-led coalition for the repercussions of the blockade, the ongoing maritime piracy and all the consequences of its policy of collective punishment for several years as part of its economic war.

It also stressed that this escalation is nothing more than an attempt by the forces of Saudi-led coalition to form epidemic hotbeds through the industry of supply crises that push citizens to abandon precautionary measures and forced congestion in front of oil stations to obtain their needs of oil derivatives.

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