25 billion of gas burned , 600 thousand barrels drained ..”Hadi” emptying Ma’rib

A political activist revealed on Wednesday that leaders in the so-called “legitimacy” have started to drain and waste the Ma’rib oil and gas resources.

This coincides with the progress achievement of Sana’a forces’ on the fighting front lines, amid reports of international moves to conclude an agreement ending the era of Islah whose forces control the province.

Activist Jalal Al-Salahi said in a series of tweets on his  “Twitter” account, that Marib govrnor, with the help of Hadi and his deputy, has reset oil the sector 20 while his authorities are depleting the sector 18 ..

Al-Salahi revealed that the governor had burned in just two days more than one million cubic tons of liquefied gas with a value of 25 billion riyals, and the aim of extracting oil reserves in the two Salafi sectors, which was used to cool oil wells. Pointing out that what was extracted during this period of oil exceeds 619 thousand barrels of crude oil at a rate of 348 thousand from sector 18 and 271 thousand from Sector 20.

According to the source, Hadi government has used a number of oil companies to transfer what was been extracted. At the same time explaining the arrival of locomotives from the companies Petromasilla, Al-Oqla, TMT, Balhaf, Al-Houthily and Mohsen, as well as the arrival of 47 locomotives from Oman Sultanate belonging to a Syrian businessman.

These moves coincide with the arrival of a giant oil ship to Al-Dhaba port in Hadramout with the aim of shipping two million barrels of crude oil and selling it to the benefit of Hadi government.

The picture was not yet clear whether Hadi government was seeking, through this process, to offset its expenditures, which were recently reduced by Saudi Arabia or is it for fearing of reducing the influence of Islah in the province, which has been generating billions to his leaders for more than half a decade? But what is certain is that Sana’a forces have made great progress in recent days on several fronts, especially Medghal district, amid Hadi’s fears from the fall of the province.

It is noteworthy that the wastage of LNG came after Emirates, whose forces control Balhaf facility in Shabwa, prevented Islah authority from exporting shipments through the facility, that Abu Dhabi allocated for the compensation of Qatari gas, which declined from the beginning of the Gulf crisis.

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