UN Warning: COVID-19 peak in Yemen within three to six months

UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, Mark Lockoc warned on Wednesday that Yemen and other countries will witness the peak of Corona virus outbreak during the next three to six months.

During a meeting of the United Nations Economic and Social Council with the participation of a large number of  Member States representatives Lockoc said via closed-circuit television  “People in those countries will suffer not only a direct effect of the virus but also from the continuing disruption of  health services. ”

He continued: “In Yemen, people are now dying alone in their homes or shelters. While we face many doubts. we do not know when we will find the vaccine (for the virus) or how effective are our containment measures”.

The Yemeni government recorded 524 cases of the virus, Including 127 deaths and 23-recovery cases. While Houthis group announced 4 injuries, including one death, in its controlled areas, before announcing later that it would not deal with the virus as numbers covered by the media.

Lockoc warned that “this epidemic could cause, during the current year, an additional 6,000 children around the world to die daily from preventable causes.”

” he added: “We can expect measles, cholera and other diseases to rise with the suspension of vaccinations, the disruption of medical supply chains and the breakdown of health systems.

Lockook revealed that United Nations has received only “a fifth of the money it needs, 1.2 billion dollars to fund a humanitarian response plan to combat Corona of estimated cost $ 6.7 billion.

He called on UN member states to expedite the financing of UN plan to face health and humanitarian repercussions of the pandemic in all countries of the world.