Taiz..Covid-19 has climaxed.. Sana’a raises alarm

Medical sources in Taiz revealed on Tuesday a frightening outbreak of Corona epidemic in the province. Amid the disregard of authorities there, as differences intensified over aid. The sources indicated that the process of burial for the deceased of Covid-19 continued, Tuesday, until midnight in Al-Saeed Cemetery in the city.

In the context, activists on social media launched appeals to rescue the residents of neighborhoods after the outbreak of the epidemic terrifyingly.

These appeals come amid the Hadi government’s attempts to alleviate the impact of the epidemic by announcing fewer numbers, than what announce is taking place on the ground.

The emergency committee of Hadi government announced on Tuesday, the registration of 5 cases in the city as the epidemic reached also to its countryside.

For its part, Islah authority controlling the city, imposed a state of emergency in Al-Misrakh district, adjacent to the areas controlled by its opponents on the western coast by the leadership of Tareq Saleh.

For its part, Al-Rashad Salafi party, one of the coalition arms, called for imposing a curfew in the city, revealing a major pandemic outbreak.

On the same side, Sana’a organized a consultative meeting in the presence of Health Minister to discuss the health situation in the province.

Dr. Taha al-Mutawakkil said that the areas controlled by the coalition in Taiz city has the most outbreak of the pandemic after Aden. Noting to the deterioration of health services there due to the conflicts between the mercenary factions.

Al-Mutawakkil indicated that his government provides health services in the areas under its control from the city and managed to control the epidemic, due to health and security measures. He also called on business men to support initiatives to face the epidemic.

Despite the escalation of warnings and invitations, the conflict parties continued their battles to seize aid, where Tariq Saleh accused Islah Authority of looting UNICEF shipments that were on their way to the areas of UAE followers on the West Coast. Disagreements also intensified between the governor affiliated with the General People’s Congress and Islah militias controlling the city over international aid.