Hadhramaut .. Hadi sells two million barrels of oil while province flooded

Hadi government sold a new shipment of Hadhramaut’s oil, eastern of Yemen, as the province suffers of flood disaster and an outbreak of coronavirus.

Local sources said that a ship shipped nearly two million barrels of oil through the port of AlDhaba, noting that the Minister of Finance in Hadi government, who had just arrived from Riyadh, supervised the sale.

This operation sparked angry reactions in Hadramout where the governor Faraj Al-Bahsni, appealed Hadi and his prime minister to save face and to direct to counter the disaster damage that struck the valley and the coast, during the past days, and has caused great damage to the property of citizens and roads.

Following the appeal Hadi’s finance minister met the governor, who later issued a decision to form a committee to limit the damage caused by floods.

Activists criticized Al-Bahsni on social media, accusing him of trading in people’s suffering, referring that he received money to be silent over what the province suffers from.