war looming again in Socotra

The conflict parties backed regionally began Saturday a new escalation in Socotra, eastern of Yemen. Where Hadibu city, the island’s capital witnessed tribal and military build-up.

Local sources said that the local authority affiliated with the Saudi-backed Hadi government used the tribes of the province, to reinforce its forces in the capital, noting the arrival of armed tribal delegations from separated areas in the island.

The move coincided with the start of the Emirati-backed transitional council a new move among the people to bring down the last strongholds of Hadi on the island, popularly.

The transitional council in Hadibo organized a meeting with sheikhs and figures on the island and announced in a closing statement their support for the transitional decision of self-rule.

The transitional continued to rally the people in supporting festivals east and west of Hadibu, However, these festivals did not hide the UAE’s support through the participants who raised pictures of thanks to Emirates.

Although the UAE has already managed to surround Hadi on the island during the last period where its troops landed there years ago, however, the movement in the popular milieu reflects fears of a Saudi reaction.

Recent developments coinciding with Turkey’s progress over the factions affiliated with UAE in Libya indicate Abu Dhabi’s efforts to resolve Socotra file in fear of possible Turkish interference, Especially in light of UAE media’s focus on Ankara’s intelligence activities in some eastern and southern provinces, and the raise of Saudi fears from Turkish base in the Somali coast near of Socotra.

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