Sana’a: We invited Aden authorities to unite against COVID-19 and found no response

The deputy of health Minister in Sana’a government, Ali Jahaf, said that Sana’a made a call to the authorities in southern provinces, since the beginning of the crisis to unite the efforts in confronting the virus, confirming that they have not received any response.

Jahaf stressed that the recovery cases from Corona’s in the areas under the control of the Supreme Political Council in Sana’a are high and exceed 80%.

Stressing, “The medical staff performs their duty to the fullest despite the suffering and the blockade.”

He pointed out that there are more than 32 isolation centers to confront Corona in all provinces under the control of Sana’a, adding that the blockade on Yemen prevents even to enter medical sterilizers, which is an essential material against viruses.

In addition, about the support of the United Nations to health sector in Yemen, the deputy of Sana’a health Ministry said that the international organizations are far from the reality we live in Yemen.  He added “in one quarantine center, 90 workers working there, and the United Nations says we will support only 21 workers.”