KSA “divorced” Yemeni Muslim Brotherhood

Saudi Arabia has publicly declared war against Islamic Islah Party (Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen), announcing the party’s exit from its coalition and heading now to other alliances.

The Saudi Al-Hadath channel quoted from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, saying that Turkey had started working to recruit Syrians to send them to Yemen.

The Saudi talk about sending soldiers to Turkey came hours after Saudi intelligence arrest the leader of Islah party, Abdulaziz al-Zubayri, on charges of activism the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Saudi media linked directly the allegations that Turkey supporting Islah party where Al-Watan newspaper quoted on the military spokesperson for Libyan National Army, Major General Abu Ahmed Zaid Al-Mesmari, as saying Turkish moves to recruit Syrian elements in preparation for sending them to Yemen to support Islah party.

The newspaper said in a report published last April quoted by Al-Mismari, that “Intelligence information was recently revealed from northern Syria, that there is a Turkish call to recruit Syrian elements from those who were fighting in previous periods against Bashar al-Assad regime and sending them to Yemen to support Islah Party with a reward of $ 5,000 each.

The Saudi focus on these allegations has been supported by statements of media officials, and activists of Islah party, explicitly calling for Turkish intervention in Yemen.

one of these media person close to Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar Saif Al-Hadari, who called to search for another alliance other than the Saudi-Emirati alliance. Meantime, Brotherhood leaders such as Kuwaiti politician Nasser Al-Duwailah have openly called for Turkish intervention in Yemen.

The progress of the Turkish forces in Libya has widely rised uproar among Islah activists who were following the latest news of these battles and what the Turkish media broadcast about them.