Coronavirus assaults the city.. Health Emergency announced in Taiz

pro-Hadi government Medical Committee announced a health Emergency in the city of Taiz due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus Today.

A spokesman of the Medical Emergency Committee to tackle the Corona epidemic  in Taiz Ahmed Mansour said that the city of taiz is in a catastrophic situation due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus because of  the lack of commitment to the precautionary procedures during the holidays.

The province of Taiz is witnessing a large increase in the number of infected cases with the Coronavirus, as well as the number of deaths.

Several deaths were recorded over the past days with symptoms of the Coronavirus, and there are many death cases of inside the same families , and multiple bilateral cases, which doctors considered a widespread spread of the Corona pandemic.

Doctors, journalists, activists, officers, and officials were infected with the virus, in an indication that the virus has even reached the class that takes precautionary measures, while death announcements and condolences on social networking sites reveal a significant rise in deaths, in the absence of a body that records daily death figures as is happening in Aden Governorate, for example.

Al-Rawdha Hospital was closed after its administration announced that there were cases recorded among the medical staff.

The renal dialysis center at Al-Thawra Hospital is also closed  after recording infected cases among patients, eight of whom died.

While medical sources warned of a catastrophe threatening the lives of about 250 patients with kidney failure receiving dialysis in the center, in addition to the large number of accompanying patients and the medical staff  in the center.

Private hospitals refuse to accept infected or suspected people to be infected with the Coronavirus.