32 airstrikes hit Different provinces within a day

The Saudi-led coalition launched, Saturday, a series of raids on Yemen’s Hajjah, Sa’adah, Al-Jawf and Marib.

The coalition fighter jets carried out on Saturday 20 strikes on Marib province, according to  security official in Sana’a.

The official affirmed that 14 strikes hit al-Jafrah and Slab areas of Majzar district and 6 other strikes hit two districts of Harib al-Qaramish and Serwah.

The strikes caused heavy losses in the public and private properties in the province, the official added.

In Hajjah, The Saudi coalition launched seven raids on Haradh district and two raids on Abs district.

In Sa’adah, the warplanes launched two raids on Adh-dhaher border district. In Al-Jawf, they launched a raid on KhubWalShaaf district.

in Hodeidah the pro-Saudi coalition forces continued on Saturday to escalate their violations of the ceasefire agreement province, official source said.

The official explained that the coalition forces committed 96 violations in Hodeidah, including an attempt to infiltrate into Hays district and the flying of seven spy planes over several areas of the province.

He added that the coalition forces bombed al-Jah area of Beit al-Faqih district with artillery and machine guns and fired tank shells at al-Jarba village in the outskirts of the besieged city of al-Durayhimi.