Yemeni Patients .. Just  Waiting for Death

By: Mona Zaid

The United Nations and its organizations are still paying lip service in its efforts to lessen the catastrophic humanitarian situation in Yemen, But its actions in the field reveal the falsehood of these allegations and its trade of the tragedy of the Yemenis to earn more money at a time the Yemenis suffer from the aggression, the blockade, the epidemics, and the inability to travel abroad to receive treatment.

As thousands of patients who are difficult to treat them in Yemen, at a time the majority of the wounded are waiting for the United Nations to fulfill its obligations to transport them for treatment via the air bridge as previously agreed upon this year, they are surprised by the international organization when it sent a special plane to rescue a driver of the United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen Lise Grande who was infected with the COVID-19 virus.


So why did the United Nations renounce a right what was agreed upon on the medical bridge? why it was unable to operate medical flights for thousands of patients suffering from chronic and incurable diseases who did not receive health care at home due to the aggression and the blockade while it was able to send a private plane to transfer an employee working for it !!!

What happened at Sanaa airport last Friday, May 29, the arrival of the United Nations’ private plane so as to transfer one of its international employees, is a new evidence that the Yemeni people have not benefited from the international organization that has transformed its basic work from relief and assistance to the needy into an organization crowded with the corruption and profit at the expense of those it praises their tragedy in the media outlets.

Patients ask about in sorrow and heartburn whether they should be employed by the United Nations to receive health care guaranteed by international laws sponsored by the United Nations, and has the driver of the United Nations coordinator become more important than the entire Yemeni people?

Many observers and activists have condemned the farce of the United Nations that demonstrates its lack of interest of the Yemenis’ lives, and its negligence in shutting down the Sana’a International Airport. It also reflects the absence of the human conscience of those who claim humanity and pretend to embody it through their tasks and activities.

Aid Corruption:

The humanitarian work in Yemen has become lost, despite the fact that billions of dollars has been announced; of which only bits are reached the Yemeni people, according to the observers, stressing any organization of the United Nations does not work for the Yemeni people and that large part of assistance goes to the benefit of international organizations.

It became the concern of these organizations to obtain billions at the expense of the Yemeni people, who have not touched any real efforts or assistance to face diseases, epidemics and starvation that threaten millions of its children, at a time most hospitals and health centers suffer from a total lack of medical supplies.

Novel Corona Virus Pandemic:

Yemen is experiencing an outbreak of the Corona virus, and there is in fact no serious and effective movement by international organizations to support the government’s efforts to address this pandemic, especially in light of the blockade, and the aggression coalition’s intransigence in intensifying flights and opening land ports for expatriates or travelers without taking precautionary measures.

It is well known that Yemen was free of the Corona virus, and the novel corona virus pandemic did not appear only after the aggression coalition conducted flights and opened land ports then the pandemic reached Yemen at a time airports and land ports of the world were closed before travelers, at the same time United Nations organizations did not issue any position or condemnation or statement towards such issue.

The pandemic, in contrast, is found an opportunity by organizations to demand and increase aid from donors so as to get funds under the pretext of financing the Response to confront the epidemic in Yemen. It is no longer a surprise for organizations, but it has become a familiar thing.

The United Nations and the Saudi aggression state are racing to collect donations and international aid ahead of the Yemen Donors Conference to be held Tuesday, June 2, claiming to support Yemen in facing the Corona pandemic, taking advantage of warnings about the collapse of the health sector and the humanitarian disaster in Yemen, which is the worst in the world created by the aggression.