Tensions escalated over Hanish Island- update

Tensions recently escalated between Yemen and Eritrea at the border coast of Hanish, after Eritrean forces attacked a number of Yemeni fishermen on Wednesday within the country’s territorial waters.

On Saturday, the Eritrean navy was reported to have seized 15 Yemeni fishing boats and stepped up piracy operations off the Yemeni coast and around the archipelago of Hanish Island.

Eritrean naval forces must stop their attack on fishermen in Yemen’s territorial waters, Fish Wealth Minister in the internationally recognized government, Fahd Kafayen, said yesterday.

“The Eritrean forces have been targeting the Yemeni fishermen within the country’s territorial waters, kidnapping them and confiscating their boats,” Kafayen wrote on Facebook, stressing that the practices were “unacceptable and must be halted”.

He called on Eritrean authorities “to release the detained Yemeni fishermen, handover the confiscated equipment, and to halt its attacks.”

Last week, The Coast Guard forces loyal to The internationally recognized government in Aden denied that Eritrean forces stormed Hanish Island, stressing that what happened by the Eritrean authorities is harassment to fishermen in the waters of the island.

In the same context, a military source revealed to AlKhabar AlYemeni , that Hanish Island has turned into an American military base since the beginning of the war.

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In the seam context, The Ministry of Fisheries in Sana’a  National Salvation Government on Saturday strongly condemned the Eritrean and Emirati forces’ attacks on Yemeni fishermen in Yemeni territorial waters and preventing them from fishing.

The ministry said, in a statement, that “the Eritrean and Emirati naval boats confiscated a Yemeni fishing boat and the contents of another boat, and forced 19 fishermen to ride it, despite the fact that it does not accommodate this large number, leaving them at sea facing risks.”

The statement appealed to the United Nations and humanitarian organizations to stop the attacks on Yemeni fishermen by the US-Saudi-Emirati-Eritrean coalition countries.

The Ministry confirmed that it reserves its legal right to file a lawsuit in international courts to prosecute coalition countries.