Saudi-sponsored forces withdraw..Houthis advanced towards Marib

Houthis forces imposed fire control over the north center of Madghel district, west of Marib city, the last stronghold of Saudi-backed forces from the Northern provinces.

Houthi forces have reportedly made advances towards the southwestern and northeastern entry points to the Yemeni city of Marib.

A field source said that Sana’a forces took control of the strategic Somirat sites southwest of Madghal district, which allowed them to have fire control over the center of the district.

The progress of Sana’a forces coincided with the withdrawal of the legitimacy Forces that believed to be affiliated with Islah Islamic party from Madghel district towards the city center.

The sources added that the Houthis have gained control over one of the most important main entrances to the provincial capital city of Marib.

It has also been reported that a high-ranking Saudi military officer was killed in Marib in a rocket attack yesterday. Over the past 24 hours, the Saudi-led coalition, which has be working to take back Houthi gains, has carried out 15 air raids on the Hajjah and Marib provinces.

Marib which is the remaining pro-Saudi city in the north of Yemen has faced mounting pressure from the pro-Houthi forces who have been advancing for several months from multiple fronts, although progress slowed recently, many observers believe they are in no rush to seize the Saudi-backed stronghold.

Last week the Houthis seized the strategic Al-Alaq mountain, which is located south of the coalition-held Al-Mas military camp.