Sana’a: Pro-Saudi government foiled the prisoner exchange deal

The head of the pro-Houthis National Prisoners’ Affairs Committee in Sana’a, Abdulqader Al-Murtadha, said that “the UN-envoy’s office informed them  that the pro-Saudi coalition refused to implement what was agreed upon in Amman regarding the exchange deal and set new conditions.”

Al-Murtadha clarified in a statement to Al-Thawra newspaper, that the pro-Saudi coalition stipulated to implement the prisoner exchange agreement on one stage and that was our suggestion before during the consultations, and rejected this proposal and assured to the United Nations that they can only implement it in two stages.

Al-Murtada stressed that the aim of this stipulation is to obstruct and foil the agreement, because preparing the second batch takes an additional two months to be ready.

He added this bad and irresponsible behavior by them confirms that they are the obstructing party for all agreements related to this humanitarian file, especially in this critical circumstance that the world is going through under Corona pandemic, and great danger it poses to the spread of this virus on prisoners inside prisons.

Calling on the UN envoy and his team to pressure the other party to implement what was agreed upon and to expose those responsible for the delay.

“In the interest of the safety of the prisoners from the seriousness of the coronavirus outbreak, the Prisoners Affairs Committee confirms its readiness to implement a complete and comprehensive exchange of all prisoners without any preconditions.

The agreement agreed upon in the recent Amman consultations provides for an initial exchange deal according to which 1420 prisoners will be released from the two parties in two phases.

The first batch includes more than 1000 prisoners from both sides, to be carry out on 12/6/2020

The second batch includes more than 400 prisoners from both sides, to be carry out immediately after the completion of the first batch.