Ansarullah spox,: occupation is the most dangerous epidemic exhausted Yemen

The spokesman of Anssarallah movement criticized statement attributed to prime minister of Saudi-backed government that claimed the outbreak of the new corona epidemic (Covid-19) in the provinces  controlled by Sana’a authorities (Houthis)

“The mercenaries of US-Saudi aggression should be busy with their condition and draw their attention to the Riyadh and Abu Dhabi virus,”  the head of the National Delegation said on Thursday.

Mohammed Abdusalam’s remarks came in response to the statements of Moeen Abdulmalik, the head of  Hadi government, who claimed the outbreak of the new corona epidemic (Covid-19) in the provinces controlled by the Political Council, while it has been controlled in the provinces under occupation, as he said.

“Those who are afflicted with mercenarism and betrayal disease and live under the guise of the aggressors, must be preoccupied with their condition and should draw their attention to the ‘Riyadh and Abu Dhabi’ corona,” Abdusalam wrote in a post published on his Twitter page.

He added that “the mercenaries of the aggression had to move if they were serious to face the cases of corona in the areas under occupation.”

The head of Sana’a  National Delegation pointed out that the “mercenaries”  are, in their betrayal, the most dangerous epidemic that has exhausted Yemen in the service of the forces of Saudi-led coalition.