Houthis Refutes Saudi-backed Government Claims about Revenue

An official source at the Prime Minister’s Office in Anssarallah government in Sana’a refuted the allegations of the Saudi-backed Government regarding state revenues.

The official source  clarified the fate of international aid and donations, describing the Donors Conference for Yemen held in Riyadh as “an attempt to beautify the face of the coalition and its crimes in Yemen.”

“The convening of a donors conference for Yemen in the capital of the aggression state, Riyadh, is an attempt to whitewash the face of the international aggression, which has been wreaking corruption in Yemen for five years and is committing the most heinous war crimes against the Yemeni people,” An official source in the office of Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Habtoor said on Tuesday.

“This conference aims at prolonging the aggression against Yemen and counter the obvious truth and direct cause that stands behind the suffering and the tragic tragedy that the Yemenis have experienced for five years, the continuous aggression and siege,” the source added.

The official source in the Prime Minister’s Office stressed that the solution to the human tragedy in Yemen does not lie in increasing or reducing support, but rather in stopping the aggression and giving way to all parties to start serious negotiations away from any dictates from any party.

On the other hand, the source condemned the lies and fraud that the pro-aggression government practiced and its false allegations that the government in Sana’a controlled the state’s resources to cover its corruption, looting and manipulation of the state’s oil and gas resources other than donations and aid from donors.

The source explained that the resigned government of Mansour Hadi acquired “the state’s oil and gas resources, in addition to the donations and aid provided by the donor countries and international organizations, which together constitute more than 90 percent of the state budget, according to the 2014 budget.”

The official source denounce the pro-aggression government’s scandalous and continuous efforts to justify the crimes of its masters against the right of the Yemenis and its clear contribution to the introduction of corona to Yemen through flights and the deportation of expatriates.

The source concluded his statement saying, “The truth is clear to everyone. As for those who were blinded by money and wanted to be a tool to strike their fellow citizens, the homeland will not have mercy on them as history will not.”