Ansarullah spox  : US governed by murderous racists

Official spokesman of Yemen’s  Ansarullah Movement, Mohammed Abdulsalam, has commented on recent massive protests and riots in the US over the killing of George Floyd by police forces.

Abdulsalam said that massive demonstrations are sweeping a country of fake democracy, protesting against racism of America and the brutality of its regime.

He explained on his Twitter account that “the protest movement succeeded in exposing the truth of what America has done, and that it was never a country of freedoms and will not be as long as it is governed by a racist regime that produces only murderous racists.”

It is worth noting that a number of American cities are witnessing demonstrations and clashes between demonstrators and the police, despite the curfew imposed in an attempt to calm the anger that erupted in the country after the death of an African-American citizen, George Floyd, in the hands of white policeman.