Houthis: Riyadh donors conference aims to beautify ugly face of criminals

In the first comment from  Sana’a authorities on the donors conference supposed to be held tomorrow in Riyadh, the Spokesman for Yemen’s Ansarallah Movement and senior negotiator for the Sana’a National Salvation Government, Mohammed Abdulsalam describe the conference as “ridiculous attempts to beautify the ugly criminal face”.

Abdulsalam said on his Twitter page “ In light of the continued of aggression and siege on Yemen, the resort to organizing a conference for donors escaping from the origin of the problem and ridiculous attempts to beautify the ugly criminal face, “

He addressed the Saudi-led coalition said that “ stop your aggression , End your siege on Yemen and stop your foolishness.”

“ the international community should work to end the siege and stop the war instead of keeping up with criminals and supporting  their criminality, tyranny and ridiculousness,” Houthis’ spokesman said.

Saudi Arabia confirmed it will host, together with the United Nations   Tuesday a virtual donors conference next week for Yemen.

A total of USD 2.4 billion is being sought to cover emergency requirements in Yemen across multiple humanitarian sectors, including medical, food and shelter assistance.

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