American forces set up a military base in Hanish

The Coast Guard forces ,loyal to The internationally recognized government in Aden, denied that Eritrean forces stormed Hanish Island, stressing that what happened by the Eritrean authorities is harassment to fishermen in the waters of the island.

In the same context, a military source revealed to AlKhabar AlYemeni , that Hanish Island has turned into an American military base since the beginning of the war.

The source pointed out that Washington began building a military base for it, on the island of Hanish, after the coalition took control of Socotra and Mayon Islands and put in place radars, intelligence monitoring and various military equipment.

The source pointed out that Washington worked on fencing some areas of the island and took control of the rocky heights, which are at a height of 430 meters above sea level.

The source did not exclude out that the Eritrean forces which prevent the fishermen from approaching Hanish Island would act as a protecting force for the Americans who are camping on the Yemeni island.

Eritrea invade Yemeni Hanish Island

Early this week , some Local media said that Eritrean forces invaded the Yemeni island Hanish and expelled its residents during the past two days.

On Saturday, Eritrean naval forces seized Yemeni fishermen in the island’s waters and confiscated their boats.

The island is currently under the domination of the Saudi-Emirati alliance.

Eritrea took control of the island in 1995, and then returned it to Yemen in 1998, after Yemeni government resorted to international arbitration.

The researches and studies indicate that Eritrea control over the island in that time was related to Israeli strategy to control the southern Red Sea. There were no confirmations or denials over the news by any official body until the moment.