Sana’a criticizes UN’s lack of action against COVID-19 catastrophe


Inefficiency of examinations prevents giving an accurate figure for Coronavirus : Houthis’ health minister


Yemen has criticized the United Nations’ lack of actions amid the pandemic, saying international organization’s actions do not reach to the level of the crisis faced by the health sector in the country.

Minister of Public Health and Population in Sana’a government Dr. Taha al-Mutawakkil on Saturday said that the rate of recovery from COVID-19 in Yemen is very high, and that’s return to the global media terrorism, which bears the responsibility for a large part of the number of deaths in the world.

The Minister Taha al-Mutawakkil pointed out that the inefficiency of the tests provided by the World Health Organization and mixed between Corona and seasonal flu has contributed to the lack of reaching an accurate number of infections.

During an expanded meeting held in Sana’a, for health cadres, Dr. al-Mutawakkil issued a final warning to all hospitals that are not committed to infection control procedures, and give them three days before taking legal measures against them, which include closure.

Dr. al-Mutawakkil clarified that the health ministry deal with patients out of their human right to care, not as stock market figures, which the media are racing to report.

The Minister of Health pointed out that “there is media terrorism until the disease has turned into a stigma, and this matter stood behind him a malicious media policy that ignores man and turns it into a number for bidding.”

Dr. Al-Mutawakkil explained that the citizens in Aden have resorted to hospitals in Sanaa to get treatment, noting that all Yemenis is being treated with self-efforts, amid disregard of the United Nations and international organizations.

The complete closure proved its mistake at the global level and now the countries have started to ease the procedures of closing and returning to normal life, he added.

Health Minister said: “Our fellow doctors, Yemeni pharmacists and laboratories are now conducting long research and studies in Yemen on Corona and the medicine will be from Yemen.

Yemen’s Health Ministry Spokesman, Yousef Al-Hadhri, said on Friday that COVID-19 tests were conducted on animals’ samples with solutions provided by the United Nations to Yemen and showed positive results, which raised the suspicion of the competent authorities in these organizations.

Al-Hadhri pointed in a statement to Almasirah TV that the actions of international organizations does not reach to the level of the crisis faced by the health sector in Yemen.

The spokesman added that “UN organizations are working to describe the catastrophic humanitarian situation in Yemen in order to gain money and not carry out their responsibilities on the ground.”

Earlier this month, Yemen also criticized the UN’s lack of resolve in tackling Yemeni people’s challenges in the face of the US-Saudi aggression.

The spokesperson for Yemen’s Ansarullah Movement, Mohammed Abdul-Salam, said, “The United Nations expresses the position of the United States and the United Kingdom, and they consequently refrain from discussing issues such as the reopening of the airports and ports and lifting the blockades.”

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