Saudi Forces, US Experts left  Marib Secretly

Military sources confirmed the news published by local media Revealed that many American and Saudi officers had left their positions in Marib provinces  in conjunction with reports talk about advancing  of Anssarallah (Houthis) forces to the center of Marib city.

On Friday, local media revealed that Saudi forces and US experts have secretly left their sites in Marib. A special source told Aden Times that Saudi forces and American experts left their equipment and devices in their centers in Marib so that doesn’t not attract attention.

The sources said that the American and Saudi officers were based in the Ruik camp, central of Marib city,  and they were carrying out the tasks of managing military operations.

According to the sources, the officers left their positions due to the high threats  from the Sana’a force after these forces advanced towards the city from more than one direction amid  the city’s military garrisons collapsed.

Military analysts said that ballistic missile and drones attacks that used by the Houthi forces were a major reason behind the departure of Saudi officers and American experts from the city of Marib, the last of which was the targeting of the Minister of Defense and the Chief of Staff of the legitimate Yemeni forces two days ago.

The sources confirmed that the Saudi and American officers left the city with armored cars, without taking any devices or equipment with them.