KSA expends US$300 Bn to bomb Yemen .. How much did it spend to save it from epidemics?

By: Zakria Al-Shar’abi

Coronavirus spread Yemen widely amid a complete collapse of health system, according to a UN statement, while the country is unable to face it. Health institutions were destroyed by the war of the Saudi-Emirati coalition 5 years ago. The humanitarian situation is described as the worst tragedy in the world. 17 million Yemenis do not know where the next meal will come.

While the burden of human tragedy falls on the coalition countries, as it destroyed 60% of Yemen’s health facilities and imposed an illegal blockade on the country. However, instead of taking responsibility for facing the humanitarian crisis first, and confront Corona virus as a new and devastating epidemic, the siege continues, and it hinder the entry of medical supplies for confronting the virus. As well as food and fuel ships by its military ships on the sea. Ironically, they are taunting on Houthis over the spread of virus in their controlled areas, and its media publish large numbers saying it is for the number of infected people and deaths from the virus.

The coalition’s role in entering the virus to Yemen

The coalition started the war on Yemen over 5 years ago, allegedly to rescue Yemenis. However, it was not satisfied that its air strikes resulted in the death and injury of about 40,000 Yemeni citizens. Nearly 4 million citizens were displaced from their homes, and caused human tragedy. However, many of Yemenis accuse the coalition countries on bringing the virus to Yemen, where the world closed all ports, the pro-coalition government kept Aden airport and Al-Wadeeah port open. Saudi Arabia transferred hundreds of recruits from its affected areas to Aden, thousands of pilgrims were sent to the affected Yemen without any preventive measures. At a time when its media was broadcasting propaganda criminalizing the health quarantine centers that Houthis had put in the outlets.

Virus spread in coalition held areas

The National Committee to confront Corona epidemic of the pro-coalition government announced on Sunday, that the number of infected people with Coronavirus had reached 222, including 42 deaths.

These numbers, according to the committee’s spokesperson, Dr. Ishraq Al-Sibai, do not represent the actual number, what is announced is only the number of those who are being tested when arrive at quarantine centers. However, examinations not conduct for everyone who reaches the isolation centers, while the real figures confirm – according to AlSibai – are very large.

The number of deaths in Aden since the beginning of this May exceeded 1500 deaths, while the number of deaths announced officially by the Committee seems to be huge compared to the number of infections unlike what is happening in the world, where the deaths do not exceed 1% of infections.

These data indicate to the disaster scale in Aden and other cities under coalition control, which is supposed to be contrary to what the coalition claims about Houthi-controlled areas, but what appears to be is the opposite, these areas are exposed to a number of epidemics, most notably Corona, dengue, malaria, chikungunya fever, and have a complete deterioration of services. Instead of improving it in services, the alliance fuels conflicts between the factions loyal to him, to fight violent battles extending from Abyan to Socotra.

War expenses

According to a statistic published by the American Jamestown Foundation, Saudi Arabia has spent 5 billion dollars a month since the war began, which means 300 billion dollars during the past five years. According to observers, whoever spends this amount on the war could not be concerned in saving citizens life, and if he cared he would not destroyed their country.

Abu Dhabi Crown Prince advisor Abd al-Khalek Abdullah  said that” UAE provided medical assistance consisting of 200 thousand testing devices at a value of $ 20 million to one of the most famous American cities, which was in urgent need and to restore its economic recovery.

He added: “we will one day tell that UAE has provided aid to America, Britain, Italy, and the richest countries and the largest economies, not vice versa. Abdel-Khaleq Abdullah had written another tweet before this calling for the establishment of the Southern Yemen state.

On the same day, 96 citizens of Aden died of epidemics without even finding a single examination, to know at least the cause of their death. It is not certain that the world will say UAE supported America, but surely will say that UAE and Saudi Arabia destroyed Yemen and turned it into hell.