coalition navy holding 20 food and oil ships

The Saudi-led coalition Naval forces are seizing 20 ships despite obtaining international permits, not allowing them to enter Hodeidah Port.

“The US-Saudi coalition continues to detain food and oil  derivatives ships, not allowing them to enter Hodeidah Port  in an attempt to exacerbate the economic crisis for the Yemeni people,” a source in al- Hodeidah Port said Saturday.

Pro– Houthis deputy Foreign Minister, Hussein Al-Azzi, said that “The continuous detention of ships in light of the spread of the Corona pandemic is an indication of the excessive brutality of the coalition and a reflection of the total absence of any seriousness in peace talks.”

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In May 20, Mohammed Abdul-Salam, Spokesman for Yemen’s Ansarullah Movement(Houthis) and senior negotiator for the Yemeni National Salvation Government accused the United states and its regional allies of blocking food and medicine deliveries to Yemen.

“The forces of aggression(Saudi-led coalition) continue to tighten their blockade by closing Sana’a airport, seizing ships, and resorting to several arbitrary measures, imagining that with economic aggression they will achieve what they failed with military aggression,” Abdulsalam said In a Twitter post.

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