UNHCR to stop “cash assistance program” to Yemenis

The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) said that the cash assistance program to internally displaced in Yemen , that implemented by the Commission,  may have to stop.

Not only the cash assistance program will stop, but also all UNHCR’s activities in Yemen are near a “potential breaking point” as the new coronavirus is spreading throughout the country, where the healthcare system has effectively collapsed due to  a bloody Saudi-led war.

Among the UNHCR projects most at risk are a cash-assistance programmes for internally displaced and impoverished host communities. Under the scheme, each eligible family receives around $170 in instalments over six months to help pay for rent, buy food, extra clothes and fuel, along with medicine and other urgent concerns. Up to one million people are at risk, if the projects stop unless funding is found.

“We are reaching a potential breaking point in our program, where if we don’t receive further funding soon, many of our program and particularly our cash assistance program to internally displaced Yemenis may have to stop,” UNHCR spokesman, Charlie Yaxley, said at a virtual briefing on Tuesday.

“We are seeing a growing number of families resorting to harmful coping mechanisms such as begging, child labor and marrying of children to survive,” he added.

Yaxley highlighted that the UN refugee agency offers a cash assistance program to some one million internally displaced people in Yemen, who rely on the money for food, medicine and shelter.

UNHCR echoed concerns that the aid situation in Yemen threatens to spin out of control, describing it as the world’s worst humanitarian crisis with unparalleled protection concerns.