Al-Masat waving resumption of painful attacks for Saudi Arabia

The head of the Houthi supreme Political Council in Sana’a, Mahdi Al-Mashat, said the Yemeni unity over all political parties and components, reaffirming that “the project to confront external aggression and liberating from all forms of hegemony and trusteeship is a safe haven.”

In his speech, on the eve of the thirtieth anniversary of Yemeni unity, Al-Mashat renewed his call to the Saudi-Emirati alliance, to stop its war, lift the siege, reconstruction, compensation, repair the damage, and to mutual release of prisoners, in addition to engage in real, credible and serious peace negotiations.

He said, “It is the time for aggression countries to realize the catastrophe of continuing in their futility and blatant interference in the affairs of Yemen and Yemenis.”

He added: “We hope that the countries of aggression will not force us to resume the stages of great pain and ignite the surprises.

The head of the Supreme Political Council affirmed Sanaa’s keenness for peace and its continuous support for the efforts of the UN envoy.

He pointed out that the ceasefire declared by the coalition leadership would have been a positive step, but the days proved that it is an advertisement for media consumption.

Mahdi Al-Masat welcomed all returnees to Sana’a, and renewed the invitation to all those he described as “deceived” to benefit from the “general amnesty”.

On Corona pandemic, Mahdi Al-Mashat stressed on the need to cooperate in addressing the risks of this virus and confront it with more awareness. He called on the international community and humanitarian organizations to play their role in providing aid and breaking the restrictions of the blockade, announcing the state’s commitment to provide the necessary facilities to all humanitarian, donor and support agencies.