Saudi intends to replace the Riyadh agreement with a “new annex”

Saudi Arabia began arrangements to conclude a new agreement between Yemen’s resigned president, Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi and The southern transitional council (STC)  forces, which exceeds “Riyadh Agreement “that has been signed last November and its implementation was stalled.

This is amid fierce battles in Abyan, and the retreat of Hadi’s forces.

Diplomatic sources said that Saudi officials presented during meetings with officials of Hadi government and the Transitional Council in Riyadh, on Wednesday evening, a new annex to Riyadh agreement that includes forming a new government, with chosen president outside of both parties in the conflict.

The new deal is provided to discuss the military and security aspects after the completion of implementing the political component.

This step would bypass the Riyadh agreement, which provides for security and military arrangements, before engaging in the political side, and adhered to by the Hadi government, the move also favors the transition who insists on implementing the political aspect away from security and military arrangements. Moreover, indicates that it is an Emirati plan, not to mention strengthening the council’s influence within “legitimacy”, with permission to name the half of the new government members.