Ansarullah spox: Saudi Declared Ceasefire is a Lie

The spokesperson for Yemen’s Ansarullah Movement, Mohammed Abdul-Salam, said Saudi Arabia’s declared cease-fire is a lie, adding that the war never ended.

Ansarullah Spokesman and the head of Sana’a National Delegation described Saudi Arabia’s declared ceasefire, as “a lie” said it is “a lie confirmed by the unceasing war, which, the announced truce, is a way to absorb the disaffected international position from its failure.”

“Our discussions with the United Nations are continuing, they want a temporary cease-fire, while keeping our skies open to hostile aircrafts,” he said during an exclusive interview on Almasirah Channel.

“The United Nations expresses the American and British position, so they ignore the contents of any titles such as opening airports and ports and lifting the siege by talking about measures.”

The head of the National Delegation went on saying, “The first step to be taken, from the humanitarian situation in Yemen because of COVID-19, is the opening of airports to aid before talking about a ceasefire,” noting that the calls for a cease-fire are not serious.

“We do not reject honorable peace,” he affirmed. “If they offer a peace that is translated by stopping the Saudi-led aggression and lifting the siege, then we are ready for peace.”

Abdulsalam warned the coalition of aggression that the economic blockade will not continue without a response. “What goes around comes around,” he added.

He demanded allowing humanitarian aid provided by states and systems to Sana’a, and the lifting of the siege on Ad-Durayhimi, “The coalition of aggression prevents the entry of aid provided by more than one country to Sana’a,” he said.

He also requested the United Nations to return the stranded and wounded from Muscat, noting that “taking them out and bringing them in was in the agreement with the UN.”

Abdul Salam pointed out that the salary dossier is being circumvented by the United Nations, “We demanded that the central revenues as oil and gas be in favor of salaries, but they refused.”

He pointed out that Yemen, with its steadfastness for the sixth year, presented an honorable model in front of the Saudi war against Yemen. “Yemen is living in a difficult and bad situation,” but he called “the great people of Yemen for more steadfastness.”