Al-Ahmar enters the confrontation line in Abyan

Hashem Al-Ahmar’s forces officially entered the confrontation line in Abyan, amid allocating huge budget to storm Aden, by his old brother Hamid Alahmar who is reside in Turkey.

The southern transitional council (STC)  media reported ,on Wednesday,  that the vanguard of Hashem al-Ahmar forces who stationed in Alwadeah arrived to Shuqrah, late on Wednesday evening, noting that Hashim himself was among those whom arrived.

The arrival of Hashem Al-Ahmar came with the allocation of his brother, residing in Turkey, Hamid Al-Ahmar, five  billion Yemeni riyals to support the battles of Abyan.

According to Al-Amana newspaper, the military commander in Hadramout valley, Yahya Abu Ouja, who has a lineage relationship with Al-Ahmar, received the amount.

It also confirmed that prominent leaders of the Hadi forces stationed in Abyan had received communications from Al-Ahmar, most notably Abdullah Al-Subaihi, where Al-Ahmar confirmed his readiness to provide full support to the front.

Hamid Al-Ahmar is one of the most prominent oil emperors in southern and eastern Yemen, and his family owns oil fields in Hadramout and Shabwa province, along with other investments in gold mining sector, and huge concessions in the fisheries and oil sectors.

Al-Ahmar recently tried to take over Sabafon Company after his failure in the north with the participation of transitional leaders.

On the other hand, Hadi government officially lifted the cover for the forces in Abyan, in a move that may pave the way to be hit by the coalition, especially the recent escalation of Alahmar, coincided with Saudi-Emirati endeavors, to contain the conflict there, by inviting Al-Zubaidi to Riyadh.

International media quoted on officials in Hadi government saying that the forces who are fighting now have nothing to do with Hadi, as far as they are groups belonging to the tribal and military leaders loyal to Turkey and Qatar, in a clear indication to Alahmar.