A speech attributed to Hadi reinforces doubts about his mysterious fate

The fate of the president of the legitimate authority residing in Saudi Arabia, Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, remains unknown since her last appearance in early March, amid reports of his deteriorating health and some other news about his clinical death.

Doubts were reinforced about Hadi’s fate by not delivering a televised speech on the thirtieth anniversary of Yemeni unity.

Saba news agency (loyal to Hadi Govt.) published a written speech attributed to him, and this is the second occasion that Hadi speaks without appearing in the media.

Exiled Yemen’s president Hadi has not appeared in the media or television since the beginning of last March, despite the events that plague the country, at the top of which is the rebellion against Hadi’s government in the southern provinces, the Coronavirus pandemic, the epidemics that spread in areas under control of his government in addition to the military developments in fronts with Houthis where Sana’a forces control over Al-Jawf province, and Naham.

Early this month, reports indicated that Hadi was moved to King Faisal Hospital in Saudi Arabia, after his health had deteriorated sharply, while American reports spoke of his mysterious fate, and discussed the issue of who will succeed him in leading the internationally recognized authority in Yemen.

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