Saudi efforts to end UAE’s role in Yemen

Saudi Arabia threatened to end the UAE’s role in the war alliance against Yemen, as the conflict between the two sides widened.

Saudi official media circulated statements by the Foreign Minister of Hadi government speaks that they can’t take anymore, enough is enough over emirates support to what he described as coupists in Aden”. In addition, the UAE’s participation in the alliance is not a “blank check”, calling for a quick return to Riyadh agreement.

The statements of Mohammed Al-Hadrami coincide with the UAE postponement to the arrival of the transitional delegation to Saudi Arabia after its summoning from the latter regarding the recent developments in southern and eastern Yemen.

It is still remains a mystery surrounding the transitional position on the Saudi call that Riyadh aims to force the transitional council to give up on his recent gains. It reflects the UAE’s prevention to the transition from meeting the Saudi invitation and pushing it towards escalation in Socotra. It is an indication of widening differences between the two allies whom eager to share the gains in eastern Yemen.