Covid 19 cases Increases in Southern Provinces

Taiz and many cities in southern Yemen are witnessing a rapid increase in cases of coronavirus infection, amid a number of epidemics that claimed the lives of many citizens, which raised the fears of citizens in other governorates of epidemics in light of the continued aggression, siege and fighting of mercenaries.

Aden city alone recorded about 1000 deaths in the pandemic within one month.

Amid an outbreak of epidemics and a deteriorating health situation in the occupied areas in southern Yemen, a new toll emerged with 37 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 3 deaths within 24 hours.

Aden, Hadhramaut and Taiz had the largest number, the overall result rose to 167 cases and 28 deaths, all in the areas of southern Yemen, which threatens an environmental disaster. The actual outbreaks are not known, since only the cases that are examined have become dangerous and have apparent symptoms of the virus, with the continuing high incidence of deaths in Aden, lack of knowledge of the causes and accurate diagnosis of the causes of death and the absence of quarantine.

There are fears that the corona outbreak will reflect on the lives of citizens and its arrival in areas controlled by the Army and Popular Committees, which seek to prevent its arrival with security precautions by closing the ports, except those subject to quarantine, as is the case in Taiz.

According to observers, the occupation-controlled areas have become a starting point for the epidemic and with no ability to control the spread of corona by the health system there, which is also suffering from complete paralysis due to the militarily and politically conflict between the tools of occupation, and their preoccupation with the implementation of the occupier’s agenda.

Concerns are increasing among the citizens that the occupied areas will remain the epicenter of the outbreak and a starting point for its export to them, especially with the alarmingly high rate of coronavirus infection.