Ansarullah re-offer a deal to exchange Hamas detainees versus Saudi pilots

Ansarullah Spokesman and the head of Sana’a National Delegation, Mohamed Abdulsalam, confirmed that Sayyed Abdulmalik Al-Houthi is monitoring the situation of  Palestinian detainees, from the resistance movement, Hamas, in Saudi Arabia. He explained that the delay in implementing the initiative of Sayyed Abdulmalik is due to the Saudi side not responding.

“The delay in implementing the initiative of Sayyed Abdulmalik Al-Houthi regarding the offer to release Saudi pilots in exchange for members of Hamas being held in Saudi Arabia is due to the Saudi side lack of response,” Abdulsalam said during an exclusive interview on Almasirah Channel. “We are open to any discussion leading to their release,” he added.

He stressed that Palestine is not for bidding and whoever stands with it pays blood and offers martyrs, stressing that part of the reasons for the Saudi-led aggression against Yemen is Yemen’s independent stance on the Islamic Nations’ issues.

Abdulsalam went on saying, “All Israeli deals are unable to end the issue of Palestine. Israel is still the first enemy of the Islamic Nation,” noting that “there Saudi Arabia is lacking any plan (strategy) except giving in the Islamic Nation on a plate of gold to serve America and Israel.”

Ansarullah spokesman encouraged the axis of the resistance line up at all levels to confront the enemies, noting that the war on Yemen, Syria and Iraq, as well as the assassination of Haj Qassem Soleimani and the sanctions against Iran is only for the honorable attitudes towards the central Islamic Nation issues.

“Yemenis are ahead in the stance and action,” he said, referring to Yemen’s stance towards Palestine. “The boycott of Israeli goods is in place more than others in addition to the cultural mobilization against the Israeli enemy.”

He also affirmed that the Israeli participation in raids and logistical support in the aggression against Yemen has become known and that Israeli intelligence operates on that.