Al-Houthi raised  the level for release Hamas detainees in Saudi

Abdulmalik Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi, the leader of Ansarallah Movement in Yemen, renewed his offer to the Saudi Arabia regarding the release of Palestinian detainees from Hamas movement in its prisons.

Al-Houthi announcing that the maximum of the exchange deal be raised to include two pilots and nine Saudi officers instead of the previous offer that includes one pilot and four Saudi officers

“We renew our offer to the Saudi regime regarding the release of Palestinian kidnappers by release  another pilot in addition to five Saudi officers and soldiers,” Mr. Abdulmalik said, during his speech at the Resistance Leaders Festival on the occasion of International Jerusalem Day.

“We hope that the Saudi regime will interact positively with our initiative, if not for the sake of the Palestinian brothers, for the sake of its pilots and captive officers.” He added.

Last March, Al-Houthi launched an initiative regarding the release of Palestinian detainees from Hamas in Saudi prisons in exchange versus the release of a Saudi captive pilot and four prisoners of the Saudi army.