A new “infested” area in southern .. Coronavirus cases reached 184

The updating statistics refers to 184 COVID-19 cases with 30 deaths in areas under the internationally recognized government control.

The Houthis, who control most large urban centers, have announced four cases with two death, both in Sana’a.

In related issue, the Governor of Lahj province, Ahmed Al-Turki (loyal to Saudi-backed government) declared Lahj as infested province due to  coronavirus and other epidemics such as “celery” fever, dengue, and malaria.

Turki pointed out that the daily statistics that delivered to the leadership of the local authority in Lahj are huge and the numbers of deaths rising from day to day due to diseases and epidemics including COVID-19.

Viruses and epidemics are spreading in the Yemeni provinces, under the control of Saudi-backed government.

Five cases of Coronavirus were officially announced in Taiz, and two cases in Shabwa, while the number of deaths from Coronavirus increased in Aden, where the number of deaths in two weeks reached more than 900 cases because of several Viruses and epidemics.

The World Health Organization said last Monday the virus was circulating undetected in Yemen, increasing the likelihood of a devastating outbreak among a malnourished population that would overwhelm a shattered health system with limited testing capacity.