Saudi coalition Holds 22 Ships With Food and Fuel for Yemen

Saudi-led coalition confiscated 22 ships loaded with food and fuel a few miles from their destination, Yemen, official source reported Sunday.

The ships carried more than half a million tons of petroleum products, including gasoline and diesel fuel.

They also carried more than 8,000 tons of gas, 10,000 tons of flour and 9,000 tons of rice.

Saudi Arabia has maintained a tight sea, air and land blockade against Yemen since March 2015, when the campaign of aggression by Riyadh and its allies against that country.

The blockade and the continuous bombing by the coalition have led Yemen to a serious humanitarian crisis, which is now aggravated by the spread in the country of the new coronavirus pandemic.

The official number of coronaviruses in Yemen is currently 128 infected and 20 dead.

However, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that this virus could potentially affect 16 million people in Yemen.