Britain prepared for military intervention in Yemen  

The targeting of the British ship will encourage Britain for military intervention in Yemen, according to political analysts

This attack is the first of its kind, although Saudi Arabia has continued over the past few months to talk about attacks on its ships in the Arabian Sea, near the site of the current attack, in an attempt to justify its efforts to militarize the eastern coasts of Yemen, specifically in Mahrah, where Riyadh plans to implement a project to export Saudi oil instead of the strait of Hormuz.

The British forces carried out landings with American forces earlier this year, and they are likely to be based in Al-Shahr port which closed for months, under the pretext of the spread of “Corona”.

The new incident would justify the deployment of more British forces in Hadhramaut, which constitutes one third of Yemen’s area ​​ and is considered currently as the most important oil hill in addition to its great economic and strategic advantages.

The attack on the British ship coincides with intensification of the conflict between the pro-Emirati Yemen’s STC and Saudi-backed forces loyal to Exiled Yemen’s president, Hadi

Observers said this attack could prompt Britain to intervene in eastern Yemen such as Socotra and Shabwa.