After meeting mediation.. Al-Awadi continues mobilize fighters

Yasser Al-Awadi, the leader of the new coalition followers in Al-Bayda, continued the escalation despite the tribal efforts to “stave off sedition” in Al-Bayda province, central Yemen.

Al-Awadi has mobilized during the past days more fighters to Al-Radman at the Al-Tafa District.

Tribal sources said that Al-Awadi received groups from Al-Suwaid, adjacent to Radman, and urged them to start cutting Al- Sawadiya road.

Al-Awadi had previously received conscripts from Bani Dabyan and tribes outside the province in a sign of his prior intention to bomb the situation. These rallies come a day after a meeting with a new mediation committee. Muhammad Hussein al-Maqdashi, a member of the National Reconciliation Team, and a member of the mediation committee, said that the committee that includes Sheikh Abd Rabuh al-Khidr al-Sawadi, Sheikh Yasser Jahlan and Sheikh Ali al-Hayashi as representatives of the al-Bayda tribes met with al-Awadi and discussed with him the possibility of reaching an agreement..

In a related development, the coalition warplanes intensified their raids on Al Bayda during the past hours in an attempt to prevent the advance of the Sana’a forces and their control of the most important Awadi supply lines from Marib. Tribal sources reported that more 50 raids were recorded during the past 72 hours, including 18 during the past hours.

The raids are concentrated in Al-Sawadiyah area, which is adjacent to Al- Radman and Qaniyeh, which is the most important supply line for Al-Awadi, due to its geographical borders with Marib.

Sana’a forces, according to the sources, have made significant progress during the recent confrontations by controlling a mountain range that overlooks the roads linking Al-Radman, Al-Awadi stronghold, and Qaniyah as a smuggling center to support it.