Houthi called the world to end siege on Yemen

A High ranking Houthi official called the international community to force the Saudi-led coalition to end the siege imposed on Yemen which has lasted for more than five years.

Member of the pro-Anssarallah  Supreme Political Council, Mohammad Al-Houthi, called on the free countries in the world to put pressure countries participating in the Saudi-led coalition to lift the siege on Yemen.

He said in tweet that “we call on the free countries of the world to put pressure on the coalition to break the siege and allow the required supplies.”

Al-Houthi called on the media and social activists to highlight their refusal of the aggressive coalition and demand the end of the siege and allow medical supplies needed for examinations.

He also called on citizens to adhere to health guidelines and not be drawn into media intimidation, stressing that overcoming the epidemic is highly dependent on citizens’ awareness.

Al-Houthi attached a video clip in which he wore mask during the opening of an exhibition for the General Authority of Zakat, to urge citizens to adhere to health guidelines in the face of the epidemic.