Aden: 89 new deaths recorded, the total exceeded 900

The deadly epidemic that has hit the city of Aden since the middle of last month continued to kill citizens.

Sunday,  89 people died due to “strange epidemic” that swept the infested city of Aden , exceeding the total deaths of the 900 mark.

The head of the Civil Status Authority in Aden, Jamil Sanad, said that the Civil Status Authority in Aden issued 89 burial permits, explained that burial permits were issued according to an official letters as follows:

69 letters from the police departments without knowing the cause of death,

5 letters from private hospitals,

15 letters from the Republican, hope and friendship hospitals.

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On Saturday, the city of Aden recorded 86 deaths due to various causes, mostly due to a strange epidemic of “fevers” that similar to the symptoms of Coronavirus, so that the total deaths in the city exceeds the barrier of 900, in light of the escalating daily deaths and the absence of the legitimate government backed by the Saudi coalition.