Aden set a record number of deaths cases  within 24 hours

On Friday, Aden set a record number of deaths cases  within 24 hours, according to government statistics.

The sources said that 80 permits had been issued ,Friday,to bury people who died of several diseases, among them the Coronavirus.

Meanwhile, sources said that the oxygen production  plant at the Republican Hospital in the city of Aden had exploded that compounding the scale of the disaster.

The city of Aden is living the worst humanitarian catastrophe in its history, amid information about the registration of about 1,000 deaths since the beginning of May, and the absence of official authorities from their role in dealing with the epidemics that spread in the city, which are corona, dengue and malaria.

Yemen’s temporary capital of Aden is trying to figure out why hundreds people died from a disease of an unknown origin. An Interior Ministry director, Ahmed Nasir, died from the mysterious outbreak that officials believe could possibly by lung plague or “chikungunya fever,” according to information received by Anadolu Agency from an anonymous government official. There has been no official announcement to the cause of death.

From May 1-13, a total of 1000 people died from plagues and viruses, with six of the deaths being government officials, said another government source said.