Aden central Bank: STC burglary on 10 billion riyals

A statement issued by the financial department of the Central Bank in Aden city said that the forces of the Transitional Council robbed 10.5 billion riyals from the bank under the threat of weapon.

The statement pointed out that the leader of the transitional Qassem Al-Thobani stormed the bank building last Wednesday with dozens of militants, with written instructions from the council’s leadership, included an order to spend 10.5 billion riyals, as salaries for Aden Security Administration.

It stated that the bank’s financial department rejected the request as being illegal, however, Al-Thobani threatened to use force against the employees, and forced them to take the exact amount.

It added that those practices caused the suspension of the Central Bank activities, as the amount was taken from general cash reserves and not from the income of the institution. It pointed out that the bank stopped collecting the revenues, and it may undermine its activity and lead to the collapse of the local currency.

The leadership of the Supreme Council of Communications has ordered the officials of the revenue committee to deposit the revenues into the accounts of the Yemeni National Bank, under the supervision of the Council, away from the legitimate government and the Central Bank of Yemen.