legitimate government searching for alternative residences

Exiled Yemen’s  government officials began searching for alternative residences, in the time that Saudi Arabia decided to stop hosting them on its land..

A number of them recently appeared on television channels affiliated with Sana’a, in an attempt to be closer, according to observer’s vision.

In its programs for the first time, Al-Lahza TV hosted Hamzah Al-Kamali and others during the past days.

On the other hand, experts expected that leaders in Hadi government may start communicating with Anssarallah’s government in  Sana’a (Houthis)to search for return, benefiting from the amnesty decision. They also expected that Saudi Arabia would witness a wave of displacement for small “Sharia” employees who are unable to pay the costs of residency in other countries such as Egypt, Turkey or even Jordan and London compared to its senior officials.

In the context, local sources in Marib and Shabwa province said that dozens of officials residing in Riyadh have arrived in these provinces under the control of the Islah party “Brotherhood” during the past few days.

These developments come as Saudi Arabia stops hosting them because of “austerity”.

Diplomatic sources confirmed that Hadi government officials have received notifications from the hotel management where they are staying asking them to evacuate their rooms during a period not exceeding 31 of May, and hold them responsible for the consequences of any delay.

According to a hotel memo, the notifications came as directed by the host authorities represented by Saudi government, which ended contracting with them regarding Yemeni officials.

Saudi Arabia has taken several steps against Hadi officials in an attempt to expel them, including the reducing of their allocations for more than half and stopping tips. This indicates that Saudi Arabia is moving to dispense “legitimacy”.

Especially in light of the news that talks about “Hadi” died, and economic pressures that are ravaging the Kingdom as a result of the war and the collapse of oil prices and the spread of Corona.

The indications of the Saudi abandonment of Hadi government were reinforced by its recent defeats in Abyan, in parallel to the defeats that its forces had received in Naham, Al-Jawf and Ma’rib before that. In addition to Saudi move towards searching for peace solutions that would save Riyadh face and remove the nightmare of legitimacy.