What is behind African immigrants deportation  to Al Jawf?

More than 3,000 illegal African immigrants, mostly of Somali and Ethiopian nationality, have entered al Jawf province since the beginning of May, according to official statistics.

The Saudi regime deported them through the border areas of Najran to Yemeni territory without undergoing medical examinations and precautionary measures, especially in light of the spread of the coronavirus in Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi is pushing immigrants:

In this regard, Jawf Governor Amer al-Marani told Saba the local authority and security agencies in the province seized more than 2,000 African immigrants forcibly forced into the province by the Saudi regime and subjected them to precautionary measures at the quarantine center in the district of al-Hazm and conducted the necessary tests for them.

He said the flow of illegal immigrants to al Jawf province continues and is spreading to many provinces, which poses a real threat and a source of epidemics.

The potential of the province’s quarantine centers does not cover the needs of large numbers of African migrants, governor Al-Marani said.

He called on the competent authorities and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to support the local authority in providing supplies for quarantine centers and organizing the deportation of migrants to their countries.

Al-Jawf governor confirmed that 1,500 migrants had left the quarantine center in batches and under the control of the security services in preparation for their repatriation by sea.


Statistics show that the Saudi regime deported more than 10,000 African migrants to Yemeni territory within one month illegally and inhumanely distributed to the provinces of Al-Jawf, Marib, Hadramout and Saada.


The illegal deportations by the Saudi authorities of African migrants to a country other than their countries of origin raise many questions about the Saudi regime’s objectives and bad intentions towards the Yemeni people, especially with the spread of the Coronavirus and the registration of more than 41,000 cases of the epidemic within Saudi Arabia and has become a source of the virus.

Burdens on local authorities:

Deportations of Africans are compounding the burden on local authorities, which lack the means to absorb thousands of migrants, especially as international organizations fail to do their part in providing support to quarantine centers and organizing their deportation to their countries.

Moral decline:

Commenting on the irresponsible move of the Saudi authorities, the head of the national delegation Mohammed Abdul Salam said, “The Kingdom of Evil is disposing of African nationalities by deporting them in non-human conditions to Yemen, which is under its aggression and blockade, deliberately compounding the suffering and exhausting the country’s health and security.”

“Saudi Arabia, which has narrowed them down because of its moral decline and economic austerity, should have sent them back to their countries directly,” Abdul Salam said.

Yemen is not an in-going one:

Abdul Mohsen Tawoos, secretary general of the Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation, said Saudi Arabia has deported hundreds of Somalis in the context of the Corona pandemic with the crime against the Yemeni people.

“Yemen is not a denies-as-you-go country,” he said. He pointed out that the deportation of the migrants was carried out by mercenaries from the border as well as by buses from Marib to Al-Jawf.

Sheikh Mohammed Naji bin Afia, one of the province’s elders, called on al-Jawf to cooperate with the security services to control illegal immigrants and to follow precautionary measures to protect society from the coronavirus and other epidemics.

Bad neighbor:

Ben Afia said al-Jawf province has suffered a lot from the Saudi authorities’ actions, which he described as a bad neighbor.

“Saudi Arabia has made al-Jawf province a dump for its waste, deporting terrorist elements from al-Qaeda and ISIS to the areas adjacent to it and recently deported thousands of African immigrants,” he said.

Observers say the Saudi move aims to increase the burden on the Yemeni people by spreading the coronavirus, especially in non-occupation areas.

Precautionary measures approved by the High Committee for The Control of Epidemics, the Ministry of Health, local authorities and security agencies were an important factor in the response to the epidemic, but those measures did not live up to the Saudi regime, which is seeking to flood Yemen with the Corona epidemic after its military options and unjust blockade failed for five years.

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