UN: war pushed Yemen back 21 years

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)  broadcasted that the civil war in Yemen has “substantially” deteriorated the country’s development.

“Yemen’s war pushed development back 21 years,” UNDP said on Twitter, adding that it the war “is disastrous in fighting communicable diseases like #COVID_19”, in reference to the coronavirus which has brought the global economy to its knees and forced many countries to impose nationwide lockdowns.

The humanitarian organization called for international “attention on urgent needs like making money to buy lifesaving food & health supplies to combat the disease & enable Yemenis to build back better.”

So far, 70 Yemenis have contracted the coronavirus, 12 of whom have died, according to official data by the Yemeni official statistic. Another two confirmed cases and a fatality were recently reported in the Houthi-controlled areas.