Saudi Arabia mourns Hadi – Report

Amid a suspicious Saudi silence, the Southern transitional council  and Abu Dhabi shot the mercy bullets on “legitimacy, whose officials have been the subject of Saudi valuation for more than half a decade. Was it a green light or an Emirati attempt to put Saudi Arabia in front of a new reality in southern Yemen?

The recent clashes in Abyan were not simply skirmishes as usual between Hadi and the transitional forces.

Its fierceness, despite it’s the short time reveal the preparations for bone-breaking battle, Its features began to form when Aidarous Al-Zubaidi reading the war statement from an operating room in the Emirati capital, Abu Dhabi.

Al-Zubaidi, who appeared in an Emirati army uniform, revealed that he had received a green light to resolve the situation in southern Yemen, all the way to the Far East militarily. He invited his factions, or rather; the Emirates followers to participate in the epic battle, which he said would extend from Taiz in the southwest of the country to Al-Mahrah in the Far East. Although Taiz has remained, over the past years, the subject of the Council rejection, who controls Aden and his forces abused the people of the northern regions, most of whom are from Taiz.

The clashes in Abyan ceased after tribal mediation led by the prominent tribal sheikh in Shabwa, Farid Awad Al-Awlaki. As Tribal sources also speak, but their fires have not yet subsided, and its price warns of devouring the entire Yemeni body in the south and east, which have already exhausted by deadly epidemics and collapsed services.

In the last crisis, the UAE was present while Saudi Arabia was absent. This does not indicate that Riyadh is opposed to the transitional decision to overthrow Hadi regions in eastern Yemen, rather, as usual; it still hits the “legal groups” with the Emirates stick. Prior to the transitional announcement on Riyadh Agreement abortion, Saudi media from government newspapers and channels were stabbing in the loyalty of “legitimacy” and its symbols, it accuses them of attempting to coup in order to implement a Qatari-Turkish agenda. Although the Turkish-Qatari presence was not yet clear, and all that means were based on just activists hosted by Al-Jazeera to comment on the situation or others residing in Turkey, but the goal was clear and messages to the leaders residing in Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia no longer bets on the “legitimacy” that has become described in Saudi circles as the “Brotherhood”, in reference to Islah party that dominates it.

This is evidenced by recent Saudi moves, both in Socotra, where the transitional control was facilitated, or the media campaign led by its ambassador to Yemen, Mohammed Al Jaber, against Hadi’s retinue, especially his sons and the deputy director of his office for economic affairs, or rather, his businessman Ahmed Al-Essa, although Riyadh itself had cut their wings by ending their influence on the fragile state and trading in it.

But this step may not work with intransigent forces, in the “legitimacy” dress like Ali Mohsen, who, as soon as he heard that Hadi entered King Faisal Hospital, quickly rushed to hold a meeting with the aim of choosing him as his successor, according to media reports. This approach contradicts with Saudi efforts to form an alternative presidential council for Hadi with balanced members. Differences are ravaged with its parties and enabling to resolve the decisions within it and fix what the media describes as a defect, to which it attached its failure in the war over the past years.

The battle for the legacy of the sick man, Hadi, in southern Yemen, will not end soon, according to the accounts of the battle and its complexities; it may not be the transitional or Islah parties, Other parties began to roar from the middle, like Tariq Saleh, and new powers in Al-Mahrah, Hadramout, Socotra and even Shabwa, which means that war is on its way to every home, this has been the goal of the coalition since it declared war on Yemen in March of 2015.

Abyan confrontations were nothing it is just the foreground, but it certainly reflects the Saudi obituary to Hadi, which his fate shrouded with mystery. He has subjected to intensive care at King Faisal Hospital. It also indicates that Saudi Arabia has decided about the succession. All that the transitional does is just the implementation of a predetermined scenario, his goal is to weaken all powers so that Riyadh can form and describe its new “legitimacy” with ease.